Child & Family

Children are constantly in a state of growth and forward movement. Our counselors look to develop a child's sense of self, improve their ability to communicate, encourage healthy and supportive relationships, and create emotional resilience.  Child and adolescent therapy includes goal directed and solution focused approaches to positive change as well as encouraging lifelong learning about themselves and others. Family therapy will focus on the family as a system, communication patterns, and family specific dynamics. The counselor's goals are to reduce conflict and improve communication. We will help the family view problems as patterns, provide feedback, and offer advice on ways to change the patterns. Family therapy aims to identify the issues as a part of the whole system instead of an individual in the family.

Common Reasons For Family Therapy

  • A child is having low school performance, involved with substance abuse, or engages in disordered eating
  • Trauma that affects the entire family: relocation, chronic illness, natural disaster, incarceration, etc.
  • Death of a family member or introduction of a new family member
  • Domestic violence and emotional abuse
  • Parent conflict, separation, or divorce

Goals of Family Therapy

  • Improved communication skills
  • Development and maintenance of healthy boundaries
  • Identifying and understanding patterns and dynamics within the family
  • Improving cohesion in family functioning by redefining roles and responsibilities
  • Build empathy, understanding, and trust
  • Problem solving

Session Information

All sessions are 50 minutes. We are in network providers for United Behavioral Health, Optum, American Behavioral Health, Cigna, Highmark, and Capital Blue Cross. We are Out-of-network providers for most other insurance companies. Medicare/Medicaid and Community Health Care are not accepted. We do not submit secondary insurance claims. Payment is due at time of session. Clients are encouraged to call their insurance and find out the specifics of their policy prior to their first visit. A sliding scale will be offered to clients without insurance, clients with a high deductible, and those who are out-of-network. Jill K Harle Counseling, LLC will submit claims to all insurance companies to help aid in management of personal deductibles. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions about the above information.