Rebecca Kornberg - LPC


I am not what happened to me.
I am what I choose to become.
- Carl Jung

I believe that change is something that we can always rely on. It will come into our lives whether it is welcomed or not. Being able to find inner balance and develop resiliency can help a person move through these changes. The start of this journey to establish inner balance, whether triggered due to illness, depression, anxiety, or stress, or something else, can begin with outreach for support.

I am drawn to the human spirit and I love working with individuals to fulfill their ultimate potential.  I work to create a safe environment that allows for exploration and vulnerability, and the emergence of awareness, strength, and resiliency. I believe that people need to be seen for who they are, and allowed the space to grow.

A tree, no matter how confined, will still reach toward the sun. How do we all reach the sun? I believe we are all individuals, we see and learn differently, but we are all connected. Working together in a therapeutic space we can identify the sun and grow to the very best of our abilities. This process begins the moment we meet.


I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a national certified counselor (NCC). I obtained my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Delaware Valley University. I have worked with my clients on a wide range of presenting issues, including substance use and abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, financial struggles, academic pressures, relationship issues, codependency, and trauma. Earlier in my career I worked as an inpatient therapist at the Penn Foundation working with clients struggling with addiction. I facilitated psycho-educational groups, skill-based activity groups, as well as, individual therapy with clients.

Before entering into my Master’s program, I spent many years working as preschool teacher in the Bucks County area working closely with children and their families through their ups and downs of development both in and out of the classroom. Working with children has been an inspiration for my writing; one of my goals is to create a series of therapeutic children’s books that highlight the human spirit, wellness, and resiliency.

I was once told that, “there are no superheroes, just super hard tasks that ordinary people get through, manage, and conquer together.” That is what we shall strive for together.


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