Jean Mong - LPC



My approach to therapy is all about the relationship that is built between a client and the therapist. If I had a superpower (and I claim that I do!) it would be my ability to easily connect with people from various walks of life and diverse backgrounds. When you meet me in person you will quickly find that I don’t shy away from the most difficult of circumstances, I am genuine and open, and I can help most anyone to find a humorous, or at least somewhat positive, side to most any situation in life. One of my mottos in life is that "Everyone can use a therapist for some reason or another!", so never be too busy, too ashamed or too proud to seek counseling when you feel lead to do so. Some areas that I am experienced with (but not limited to) are: school-related issues (anxiety, truancy, apathy), hoarding, ADHD, juvenile delinquents, grief & loss, 'crisis-intervention' (post crisis or hospitalization, ongoing suicidal ideation), anxiety/depression, LBGTQ+ community and military personnel and their families.


I earned my Master's degree in 2011 from Gwynedd-Mercy University, with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. While counseling is my passion in which I have been happily involved with for many years, I have gathered an eclectic medley of work and career experiences over the years. Professionally speaking, I have worked extensively with adolescents, in both traditional and alternative schools, and their families. Aside from the counseling field, I have been everything from Santa’s elf (no photos exist!), to a waitress, an at-home mom, high school English teacher, theater prop and costume designer, Air National Guard drug testing manager, and many other adventures in between. I welcome and accept both individuals and families as my clients.