Several of our counselors have started to hold some of their hours as in-person hours in our offices. Both clients and counselors will be required to wear a mask and follow other CDC guidelines for in-person sessions. Please specify which type of service you would like when contacting us. We are still accepting new clients and maintaining services via in person, telehealth and telephonic sessions.

We will be updating our status on a weekly basis. Most insurances are accepting telehealth in order to allow for social distancing and isolation. If you are a current client, please ask your insurance if telehealth is covered if you that is the type of service you will be receiving.

We will happily work with all financial situations in order for our community to continue to be cared for emotionally. Please reach out to schedule an appointment if you need support. Be well and stay safe.

The office line is still in service and can be reached at 215-527-8012. Our email is

Thank you for understanding our need to aid the community.

Amy C. O'neill - LPC



It is a privilege to witness personal growth and be present with a person as they evolve. Providing a safe, confidential, collaborative, and supportive atmosphere, to work through identified problem areas is crucial to success. Managing negative patterns of thinking and behaving allows one to flourish on an interpersonal level, emotionally, and in the context of all relationships. I have extensive knowledge and experience working with anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship struggles, trauma, and many other issues.
I am passionate about working with adults and teens. I primarily utilize an eclectic approach with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques with a humanistic foundation. I have a commitment to trauma-informed practices and believe it is a cornerstone of our work together.
I have expertise on how to harvest resilience through challenging times. As a stakeholder for the National Mass Violence and Victimization Resource Center and task force member for the Disaster Distress Line Peer Support Platform, I possess a unique skill set in understanding the process of recovery from mass violence/terrorism/trauma.


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