Marriage & Couples

Relationship counseling is provided to all couples, whether married, separated, living together, or engaged. Many couples often turn to therapy when they are unable to work through conflicts on their own. Sessions are designed to identify problems and patterns, improve communication, and work together to create common goals as well as redefine responsibilities in the relationship. Therapy involves rebuilding the foundation of the relationship by communicating and understanding needs and building trust. Many couples engage in blaming, name calling, defensive behaviors, and other negative patterns. Working with a professional clinician often provides a safe space for partners to feel validated and work on effective problem solving.

Does Couples Therapy Work?

In order for couples therapy to work, both participants must have the common goal to adapt and change. If both clients are not willing to work, therapy may not be effective. Sometimes one or both partners are confused or non-decisive about what they want in the relationship. Therapy will help the client find and communicate their needs in the relationship so that the couple can start to mend. There are many couples who wait until the issues become too deep to resolve. Partners may feel deep rooted resentments toward each other or have experienced chronic distrust within the relationship where progress can only be minimal. Couples also have decided to use relationship counseling to establish a friendship, a coparenting structure, or an ability to amicably separate. It is very important to trust your therapist and the techniques that are being used. Sometimes therapy is just what the relationship needed to heal, but don't expect immediate results without work.

Session Information

All sessions are 50 minutes. We are in network providers for United Behavioral Health, Optum, American Behavioral Health, Cigna, Highmark, and Capital Blue Cross. We are Out-of-network providers for most other insurance companies. Medicare/Medicaid and Community Health Care are not accepted. We do not submit secondary insurance claims. Payment is due at time of session. Clients are encouraged to call their insurance and find out the specifics of their policy prior to their first visit. A sliding scale will be offered to clients without insurance, clients with a high deductible, and those who are out-of-network. Jill K Harle Counseling, LLC will submit claims to all insurance companies to help aid in management of personal deductibles. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions about the above information.