Sophia Albanaa - MSW, LSW



Being of Arab descent, I understand how difficult it can be to seek mental health support in some communities, especially when cross-cultural conflicts can come into play. However, seeking support is the first step to healing.

As a clinician, I will never ignore race-based traumas & oppressive systems that may be impacting your mental health. I identify as a feminist, relational/cultural therapist who aims to form healing relationships and thinks critically about the impact of systems of power and oppression on people’s lives & emotional wellbeing. The relationship between client and clinician is one of the most important components of therapy, and I aim to create a safe, judgment-free space with each person who seeks my support, first and foremost.

I received my Master of Social Work degree with a clinical concentration from The University of Pennsylvania. I am licensed through the Association of Social Work Boards. I have years of experience working with young adults and teenagers especially––working on a wide range of presenting issues together, including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, incarceration, family conflicts, race-based trauma, identity, and more.


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