John Brennan - MA- ATR



Trust the Process


This is my belief.  I feel that through working through issues or stressors, no matter how difficult, trusting in the therapeutic process can be healing.


I am a registered art therapist and utilize artmaking in therapy, if the client is open to this.  I feel that the art making process can be healing for the mind, body, and soul.  Art with the therepeutic process can coordinate together to utilize non-verbal communication and exploration.  I have knowledge in various media including sculpture, paint, pastels, printmaking, collage, and more.  I encourage clients to explore new artforms and to promote the artistic growth of the individual.


I have worked with various ages and diagnoses, my specialty being high-risk adolescents. I look to challenge myself to incorporate the client’s interests and hobbies into therapy.  My goal is to build a calm, honest, and safe place to create and discuss the client’s needs.  I encourage self-discovery and coping skills tailored to individual clients.